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Adopt A Patient

Adopt A Patient


Through its ongoing Adopt-a-Patient initiative, THF has been able to provide life saving treatment for the poor and marginalized community. Cost to adopt a patient is Rs. 30,000/patient. This cost covers medication, requisites lab test and consultation.

The objective is to facilitate these young minds to;

• Act as Advocates for Hepatitis awareness amongst their families and friends

• Undertaking screening activity

• Develop research studies

Adopt a Patient

Now you can save a life in just Rs 30,000!

The Adopt-a-Patient programme allows you an opportunity to aid a deserving patient receive treatment for Hepatitis. absolutely free of cost! Keeping in mind that this treatment would otherwise be impossible due to financial constraints. You should be at ease, knowing that the entire monetary sum you donate will be spent specifically in the treatment of the patients. which includes all services like medical tests. follow-ups and medicines. However it would not be spent on any administrative expenses, salaries or other overhead costs. -Direct Patient Treatment .

Out Patients Our Priority!

UBL (General Donation)

S.I.T.E Branch, Karachi

Account No: 007101058932

Branch Code: 0071,
Swift Code: UNILPKKA

UNIL 0112-0071-0105-8932

Meezan Bank (Zakat Only)

S.I.T.E Branch, Karachi

Account No: 0100177391

Branch Code: 0108,
Swift Code: MEZNPKKA


Al Baraka (Donation From Punjab)

Account No: 0102228849018

Branch Code: 0312,
Swift Code: AIINPKKA