Chairman’s Message

Mr. Saeed Allawala

It’s both a privilege and a challenge chairing The Health Foundation (THF) in these times of health emergencies and crisis. I thank my fellow trustees, donors and supporters for the help that they have extended in our relentless war on Hepatitis. It’s a matter of deep concern that the extent of the problem remains very far from being mapped with any accuracy. Nevertheless, even as we attempt to do so, I am very mindful of the need to keep doing the very best that we can in taking preemptive action through the raising of awareness in the general public, and vaccinating as many people as possible against the scourge.

THF is focused on bringing together all public and private organizations working against Hepatitis with a view to centralizing data and learning from each other’s experiences, as well as working in cohesion with the Public Sector Health Programs.

There are many islands of excellence that need to be connected for the attainment of critical mass. Once this is achieved the pace of progress in combating the disease will experience quantum gains, and that is the day that I look forward to. No matter how insurmountable the odds might appear, it is human nature to rise to the occasion, and overcome, and prevail. We shall indeed prevail, and may Allah bless our efforts with success, Ameen.