“Students as Change Agents”- partnering with Educational institutes

Awareness session in schools and universities:

THF is conducting awareness sessions for teachers/staff and students of various schools, colleges and universities. The main focus of these sessions is to educate and raise awareness among the teachers,staff and students regarding Hepatitis B &Hepatitis C. The topic covers:

a) Mode of acquisition of Hepatitis B &Hepatitis C and how to prevent oneself from getting infected with the disease.

b) Complications, signs and symptoms.

c) Schedule of Hepatitis B vaccination and importance of the vaccine.

d) Preventive measures to ensure safety of the new born who have Hepatitis B positive mothers.

e) How to prevent needle stick injuries.

These are followed by a 5-10 minutes question and answers session.

THF has joined hands with these institutes:

  1. Bay View Academy – Karachi
  2. Development in Literacy (DIL) Schools – Karachi
  3. Habib University – Karachi
  4. Jinnah Sindh Medical University &APPNA Institute of Public Health (JSMU/AIPH) – Karachi
  5. Khatoon-E- Pakistan School adopted by Zindagi Trust – Karachi
  6. LUMS – Lahore
  7. Mobile School Bus – Karachi
  8. SuffaMadarsa Religious School Saidabad – Karachi
  9. The Citizen Foundation (TCF)
  10. United Medical & Dental College – Karachi

Awareness session in Community (Project areas):

To promote awareness, sessions for different target groups are being held at all levels.

These Behavior change sessions are tailored for students, teachers, parents, health care providers (medics/Para medics, doctors, nurses and janitorial staff) barbers/beauticians, decision makers, households, catchment areas of Lady Health Workers and field staff of other CSO’s.

THF has also initiated its door to door awareness campaign. It was very well received by the community. Each team is assigned a specific Union Council (UC) and they move door to door spreading the messages on how to protect on self from the silent killer HEPATITIS.

Social mobilization seminars are held for a larger audience. All sessions are followed by questions and answers from the audience.