To promote awareness, sessions for different target groups are being held at all levels.

These Behavior change sessions are tailored for students, teachers, parents, health care providers (medics/Para medics, doctors, nurses and janitorial staff) barbers/beauticians and field staff of other CSOs.

In 2013 THF initiated its door to door awareness campaign. It was very well received by the community. Each team is assigned a specific Union Council (UC) and they move door to door spreading the messages on how to protect on self from the silent killer HEPATITIS.

Social mobilization seminars are held for a larger audience. All sessions are followed by questions and answers from the audience.

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If never in need of blood always ensure that the blood being transfused has been properly screened

Prevention - Vaccination

Since the initiation of the HFCP, THF has been vaccinating target children in schools and Madrassas. However, a major chunk of children within the community were being missed.

To overcome this obstacle and reach within the community, a MoU was signed between THF and the Lady Health Workers (LHW) program, Sindh.

To date THF has successfully achieved 85 % Hepatitis B coverage of target children in the LHW covered areas. This has been made possible by working in close collaboration and coordination with the LHWs. These LHWs were awarded cash incentives to acknowledge their commitment and efforts. Special ceremonies were held at the Korangi Deputy Commissioner and Town Health offices . The LHWs really appreciated being acknowledged for their work by THF.

This is a perfect example of public private partnership and we are hoping to replicate this success story in other future intervention areas as well.

Community ownership has been seen to have a positive and long term impact in achieving project objectives.

It also helps in the sustainability of best practices.

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Whenever getting vaccinated ensure that the syringe being used is a new sealed one

Sharp Waste Management

W.H.O Pakistan in collaboration with The Health Foundation (THF) Pakistan, a nongovernmental organization, Pakistan Medical and Research Council (P.M.R.C) and Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center(JPMC), Karachi, piloted an injection safety project to identify an innovative, cost-effective, replicable solution to break the transmission cycle of blood borne infections by preventing the reuse of syringes by disabling syringes through a manual needle remover. Pakistan is among the top countries in which blood borne infections are prevalent among the general population, with high transmission among the lower socioeconomic class of the population.

The national prevalence of viral hepatitis B and C stand at 7.8% with an estimated 12 million people suffering from this disease according to a national prevalence survey conducted in 2008. One of the major reasons for the spread of these blood borne infections is the reuse of syringes. Major hospitals, such as the Jinnah Postgraduate Hospital in Karachi, are among the major sources of such medical waste that carry the risk of spread of these infections. WHO Pakistan planned a pilot project with its partners to implement a mechanism to break this cycle of transmission by ensuring that each used syringe is cut safely and disposed off properly.

The pilot project, conducted between July 2011 and June 2012, was implemented at a tertiary care hospital in Karachi, Pakistan, and was carried out in 4 phases. This pilot was published on the World Health Organization website as well as well as the

Phase 1: Situation Analysis
Phase 2: Training
Phase 3: Implementation
Phase 4: Monitoring



Till date 2785 patients are registered for treatment with The Health Foundation.

All the medicines are provided free of cost. An important aspect of treatment is counseling of all registered patients. This is done by THF staff on every contact with the patients.

Through “Adopt a Patient” initiated in June 2013 the selected patients are not only provided free treatment but are also supported with free transport to and from the hospital, consultation by specialist and all mandatory laboratory tests and procedures like endoscopies and bandings all free of cost.

After initial scrutiny a patient is registered and is provided with transport allowance to reach Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC) liver center situated in JPMC. THF staff is present at the PMRC center to facilitate the patients for getting them checked via a liver specialist, getting their requisite tests done and provision of prescribed medicines/drugs as per need. For better compliance by such patients Rations are also being provided to these patients from time to time.

Free treatment is also being provided to Karachi based patients which are being referred to THF through its network of Gastroenterologists/Liver specialists.


Capacity Building

Sustained Capacity building is a mandatory activity which is needed if quality and timely service is to be provided to the community. Centre and field based capacity development is ongoing for field vaccination staff, Supervisory staff and partners.

Trainings have been held on:

  • Safe Sharp Waste Managment, Safe Injection Practices and Infection Prevention.
  • Interpersonal Ccommunication.
  • Microplanning.
  • Data Management.
  • Monitoring and Supervision.

THF has also been identified as one of the key National level master trainer for:

  • Communication and Media Skills Training.
  • Safe Sharp Waste Management Training.


World Hepatitis Day

Every year on 28th July, THF alongwith WHO and partners celebrates, The World Hepatitis Day to increase the awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis and the diseases that it causes.

i) Awareness and Screening


ii) Walks on World Hepatitis Day


iii) Badges worn by all Friends of THF


iv) Billboard& Pylons (Out of Home):Displayed at prominent places in Karachi


v) Mass Media campaign-

  • Leading TV channels aired TVC, Infomercial, Celebrity endorsement, documentary and scrolls
  • THF Director was host on Morning Talk Show in one of the most watched TV channels – Geo
  • Coverage/ Write ups in leading newspapers highlighted some of the activities led by THF