What is The Health Foundation?


Vision: A Hepatitis Free Pakistan

THF Mission:

The Health Foundation aims to create awareness and promote healthy practices for management of various diseases in the general public, with an initial emphasis on Hepatitis B & Hepatitis C.

Project Strategies:

A. Community empowerment – Changing the outlook of the general population with awareness programs

B. Capacity building of team members and partners – Developing awareness strategy and comprehensive awareness campaign/ Projects to motivate adoption of requisite healthy practices

C. Facilitating preventive health action programs and promoting informed decisions about seeking health system support for management and interventions through School Health programs or through community mobilization.

D. Strengthening Partnerships- Collaborating with Public and Private Enterprises in Hepatitis B vaccination and immunization services delivery, since vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases is essential to reaching the Millennium Development Goals. THF shares the vision of W.H.O on immunization which is regarded as a key strategy to ensure global health security and for responding to the threat of emerging infections such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, since large number of these deaths from Hepatitis B can be prevented via vaccination.

E. Mobilization of requisite resources for Treatment and Rehabilitation of referred patients (Registration or Inclusion of patients on the preformed criteria already sent to Hepatitis centers and specialists, for free Interferon therapy (together with adjuvant Tablets)

Project Targets:

1. At least 85 % Hepatitis B immunization coverage in our target population in project focus areas

2. Ensure free treatment to our “Adopted” patients in our intervention geographical areas (patients identified during our baseline prevalence survey)

3. 90% population aware about Hepatitis B and C cause and prevention in our focus areas.

4. Al least 1 healthcare facility/ Union council practicing Safe Sharp Waste Management protocols


Overall goal is attainment of community health through elimination of Hepatitis B and C through the strategies being implemented in the Hepatitis Free community model

THF is thus aimed to invest in a social change and help alleviate the sufferings related to preventable diseases in destitute communities in Pakistan.

Who We Are

The initial focus of The Health Foundation is on Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. We have set for ourselves two immediate goals. The first is to educate the general public regarding the manifestations of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and their mode of acquisition and transmission. The second goal is to provide financial support to those suffering from these infections, but unable to afford the expense for their cure. This support will be in terms of medication supplied. Since there is a vaccine available for protection against Hepatitis B, THF is pursuing an immunization program in this regard.

Geographical Scope

  • Sindh province – Karachi, District Sanghar, District Ghotki and District Thar.
  • Sindh province – District T.A Yar ( Rashidabad)
  • Punjab province – Lahore.
  • Punjab province – Hafizabad